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Farry Philanthropy


  • Farry Fashion strongly believes that the purpose of business is to establish a system that can impact someone's life in a positive way by helping them grow.
  • The purpose of business is not just business but it is for the greater good of the society as a whole.
  • With this strong belief of giving and growing, Farry Fashion donates 10% of all profits to help orphans and the less fortunate who are unable to support themselves in less-developed countries.
  • Farry Fashion does not take any donations to help their philanthropy vision but every product you buy contributes to the donations that Farry Fashion gives :)

Philanthropy Vision:

Helping those who have less will not only help them on an individual level but it will have a larger impact in a society.

If we help the orphans today with basic life necessities and an education, they will grow up to be responsible members of society, may also be successful and end up helping others in need.

This will create a wave of positive impact where people help each-other one after the other.

Through this it will build the foundation for a better society and world in the future for all of us. We're In This Together :)

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