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Daily Use Summer Sandals

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Are You Looking For Comfortable, Everyday Summer Sandals?

According to statistics from the APMA Women experience four times as many foot problems as men in America ! The survey found women complain of having pain in their heels and more than half of them admitted that their shoes were the culprit of their pain ! The solution was to adapt comfortable footwear.

These are a comfortable pair of soft heel summer sandals for every day use. They look great with any outfit and provide optimum comfort.


1) Comfortable: Thick heel, made of soft material that reduces impact with the ground by providing shock absorption.

2) Convenient Wear: Easy to wear elastic band sandals, simple and fast.

3) Light Weight: Enough of the heavy winter boots, it's summer time !

4) Breathable: Keep fresh and cool feet in summer because of the additional air circulation that reduces sweating !

5) Stylish: Not only are they comfortable but they also go with any outfit you decide to wear ! Get complimented by your friends and loved ones for this great summer essential.

These Comfys can be worn when:

  • Going out with friends and family
  • Visiting the beach or pool this summer
  • Outdoors- to the park, cycling etc
  • At work or at home

It's an all rounder, must have summer essential !

Size Guide:

EU/UK SIZE  US SIZE  Foot length (cm)
 35 5  22.5
 36 5.5  23.0
 37 6  23.5
 38 6.5  24.0
 39 7  24.5
 40 7.5  25.0
 41 8  25.5
 42 8.5  26.0
 43 9  26.5
 44 9.5  27.0
 45 10  27.5


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