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Hand Warmer & USB Charger

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Having cold hands during winter even after wearing gloves?

Places such as Canada, Minnesota, Alaska (United States), Russia, Germany and some parts of the United Kingdom are known to be extremely cold.

It gets frustrating shivering all day although we are heavily dressed. 

As shown by a research the reason why our hands are always cold even after wearing gloves is because, Cold hands, especially if persistent for longer than usual, are caused by poor circulation due to the hardening of blood vessels over time, hypothyroidism, anxiety, or infections. Often blood circulation causes both cold hands and feet.

Keep the beauty of your hands preserved :-)

What is the Solution then?

Cold hands are uncomfortable both to you and to anyone they touch, but are they really anything to worry about?

Most often, cold hands simply mean that your inner body has gotten a little too cool and your "core temperature" has dropped a little too low.

To protect your vital organs, such as your heart and lungs, your body diverts more blood flow to them and that leaves less blood circulating to your hands and feet.

To get rid of that Our Hand warmer is here to save the day :-) It is a tiny device that keeps your hands warm anywhere at anytime and it is so convenient that it can charge your phones :-)


  1. Two functions:  4000mAh power bank for cell phones & Self-adaptive technique allows intelligent faster, safer charging.
    You can take it along with you wherever you go.
    Charge your devices anywhere any time you need, such as traveling, camping, hiking, etc.
  2. Double-side hand warmer. ~Keep your hands warm in this cold winter. ~Compact, cute and unique design. ~Tiny body with strong functions, long life time.
  3. Your partner when having cramps!
  4. Place them in your mittens to always stay warm
  5. Give gifts to lovers, friends, this winter is indispensable.


  • Material: aluminum alloy + ABS
  • Battery capacity: 4200 mA
  • Product charging time: about 5 hours
  • Input: 5V-1A
  • Output: 5V-1A
  • Temperature: 42-55Deg.C
  • Size:102*60*26mm

Packing Include:

1 x Power bank hand warmer


1. For the first time using this product, please fully charge the battery.
2. When charging the mobile power supply, be sure to use the original machine accessories wire or the correct specification wire, otherwise the mobile power supply may be damaged.
3. It is strictly forbidden to beat, impact, disassemble or try to repair this product by yourself.
4 Do not place the mobile power in a humid place and soak the product with water.
5. It is strictly forbidden to place this product in heat source and flammable place.
7. Please put the mobile power in a place that children can\'t take, and avoid children\'s improper use.
8. To avoid shortening the service life, please charge the mobile power supply at least once every four months.


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