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Dry Skin is something we all suffer from, because we all live in different climates, for example I live in Miami, I have combination skin but when I travel to British  Columbia I suffer from dry skin.

Dry skin the way our body tells us that we aren't consuming enough water, and since some part of America rather most tend to be cold than others.

I am going to share some few tips that will help you overcome this problem just the way it did for me.



It is true that we are what we eat. By this I do not mean to say stop eating junk  food, Just try to eat healthy food. A great example are fruits. Fruits are extremely good for our health especially for our skin because it contains contain all the vitamins & powerful antioxidants that help to protect skin from the cellular damage. 

Also you can make smoothies a great example could be Banana, Peach fruit and low-fat yogurt, this smoothie is a great blend of all the vitamins and minerals and an excellent boost of energy at the beginning of your day or just before the gym.


 This is a very important habit we all should adopt and try our very best to avoid soft drinks. Get into a habit of carrying a water bottle before leaving the house. If you don't like plain water, add a slice of lemon & mint in it.

I think a good way to motivate us is to buy fancy bottles which would motivate us to drink water since we invested in that fancy bottle ;-)


Moisturizing is very important!! And using good products. 

By good products I do not mean "expensive" brands because not all brands can suit us. Everyone’s skin is different and what works for me may not work for you. Another important thing is that DO NOT copy someone else skin care routine.

A very important thing is sticking to one product and to use it for at least a month or two to find out the results.

Also I believe some products are exceptionally good. The skincare products i have been using for my dry skin for many years are The Ordinary, Nivea, Aveeno and Neutrogena (using sunscreen is VERY IMPORTANT)  

I want to try out this product called " SIMPLE". I have heard a lot of good reviews so ill definitely give it a try!! If you guys want to know the results let me know in the comments and I will let you guys know :-)



 There are amazing masks out there that are super good for hydrating our skin from the hot sunny day. So after a long tiring day we can bring our dull face to live by simple putting a hydrating mask on for a while and relax. I personally use Garniers face masks or sometimes i do some home remedies such as, Turmeric and yogurt. These two things are great for the skin and also help in soothing and lightening our skin tone if burnt by the sun.



You can always carry a tiny bottle hydrating Face mist in your bag that will help your skin if its feeling dry during the day. I understand Rose Water works for people but it doesn’t work for me, I get rashes.


So there are my ideas and tips to prevent dry skin and get a fresh glowing look for your skin :-)

Hope this little blog helps you, don't forget to share, comment and also let me know if any of these steps were useful to you guys :)

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